As Beacon Services+ we pride ourselves on our strong customer relationships and excellent feedback we recieve. Our customer testimonials stand as a true reflection of the quality work we do, ranging from the services we provide through to the minute specifications prefered by our clients, and are solid evidence that we can provide you with the tailored solutions you require at affordable rates.


Hear what some of our satisfied customers say:

‘Very good overall, professionally managed healthcare training service provision. Second to none.’ Kingdom Healthcare Services

‘ Well done Beacon Services+, general feeling is that you have outdone yourselves with your quality Management and Training Consultancy Services. Very detailed, relevant and polished. Without a doubt the best services so far, the quality of trainers and managers is excellent. Range of trainings perfect for inductees, managers, delegates and very well planned and executed. Well done Beacon Services.’ Mecs Ltd

Most of our recent clients have been SMEs in education, the voluntary sector, as well as the healthcare services provider industry and, are happy to recommend us to you upon request.