Learn Shona

We teach Shona through a variety of methods that suit different learning styles.
Face to face 2 hour lessons done every Saturday from 1000h-1600h-book your place below
Learn at your own pace. We start with commonly used everyday words. for example salutations, days of the week and time expressions:


-Welcome: Mauya

-Hello: Mhoro

-Good morning: Mangwanani akanaka

-Good afternoon: Masikati akanaka

-Good evening: Manheru akanaka

Days of the week

-Sunday: Svondo

-Monday: Muvhuro

-Tuesday: Chipiri

-Wednesday: Chitatu

-Thursday: China

-Friday: Chishanu

-Saturday: Mugovera

Time expressions

-Today: Nhasi

-Tonight: Manheru anhasi

-Tomorrow: Mangwana

-Yesterday: Nezuro

Book the slot that suits you-
Elementary 1000-1200h / Intermediate 1200-1400h and Advanced 1400-1600h